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When it comes to hiring a painting contractor, we realize you have many options. Below we have provided a few area’s you may want to consider prior to hiring any contractor.  Quality based companies with integrity and ethics will be more than happy to provide any documentation you require involving their licensing, bonding and insurances.



Whether it is working with ladders and scaffolding, or dealing with solvents and air born particulars, painting can be hazardous work.  Hiring a painting contractor with the proper training and accreditations will ease your worries towards these issues.



If your home or business was erected prior to 1978 you may have lead paints and/or asbestos present, which can cause serious health effects when scraped or sanded.  A professional company will be well aware of these risks and the measures to maintain a safe environment.


Preparation and Painting

The preparation is the most important step.  A paints main purpose is to protect the substrate it is applied to.  A contractor who knows these steps and which materials are required is essential to the longevity of your structure.  Always ask for a list of materials that will be used on your project.  Higher quality paints cost more, but will be stronger and  last longer.  This is why some contract prices come in much higher than others.  Always make sure all contractors are bidding, based on the same criteria.  Often the lowest bid will cost YOU more in the long run!


Clean up and Disposal

Once a project is complete, the left over paints may be left for you, if you choose to keep them.  Ask your professional how to safely store these products so that future touch ups will be possible.  To dispose of these paints call your contractor, local paint supplier, or local recycling center to find out how to safely discard these materials.


List of Southern California Waste Disposal Sites


NOTE:  Most paint stores will now recycle your latex (water based) paints.  Contact your local store to find out if they participate in the program.


Orange County Waste

L.A. County Waste

San Bernardino County Waste

San Diego County Waste

Palm Springs County Waste



The Right Choice

Choosing the right contractor is an important decision. Once you take all the variables into account, the selection process is usually narrowed down to a couple of companies.

Thank you for considering Le Tourneau Painting for your next project!

Hiring a Painting Contractor