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What type of exterior paint should I use?

When it comes to choosing an exterior paint, you want to use a high quality product. If unsure about what product to use, leave it to us to guide you through your options. At Le Tourneau we never use a "Cheap Paint" on your home. We typically use a top of the line Dunn Edward product (Evershield), or Sherwin Williams comparable product. Still some customers prefer a more expensive paint material products like Benjamin Moore's "Aura Exterior Paint". Ultimately we leave the decision in the hands of the customer if they want something that is very high end. The reason we use these higher end products is simple, an exterior painting job on your home can easily last ten years if done correctly with good quality paint.



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Exterior Residential House Painting

Since our doors opened in 2006, we have worked with thousands of customers throughout Orange County California. Many times we start by painting their homes and end up moving onto their business related painting projects and vice versa. Our residential painting services are offered throughout Orange County. From Irvine to Yorba Linda we have your house painting needs covered.



The Process for Painting Your Home

At Le Tourneau Painting your satisfaction is our number one priority. The way we achieve this is by offering a level of service and quality that is unsurpassed in Orange County. Almost half of our referrals come from our exterior painting projects, and the reasons for this is because we don't skip on the important things. As a matter of fact, when Le Tourneau Painting arrives to your project, we typically spend more time prepping a home then painting it. We focus on sanding and prepping your home, covering and taping around your windows or walkways, or common sense items like not dripping paint or leaving trash behind once our crews leave. In a word, professionalism.


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