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Commercial Sign / Logo Painting for Empire PLS

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back in May when Empire PLS moved to thier new location in Orange CA, they hired Le Tourneau Painting to paint their company logo on the front of the building.  After discussing the options for colors and location they decided to have us paint the sign above their front door with a height of about 3'.  The logo stencil was made off site as usual and traced onto the building.  First we build a section of scaffolding to get up there.  Some times we use scissor lifts or if the sign to be painted is simple enough we may even work off off ladders.  However, once the scaffolding was in place, the painted sign was completed in no time.  In fact I think we were in and out before the office staff arrived.

Commercial Sign Painting

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Buena Park Mash Industries Gets New Exterior Painting & Logo

Friday, December 06, 2013

Mash Industries Gets New Look With Building Painting & Logo



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Le Tourneau Painting was hired to paint a commercial logo for Rate Highway in Irvine CA.  The project consisted originally of just the sign, but quickly turned into a small project involving the application of Idea Paint.  Idea paint is a coating that works like a white board.  It comes in black, white and clear.  The clear is what we put on for Rate Highway in Irvine.  The materials are a 2 part system that creates a surface of up to 50 sq/ft per combined unit.  This project we used 10 units.  In the conference room we originally painted the company logo on the wall in their orange color.  After completion they decided that since this wall was to have the Idea Paint over it and be used as a "white board" that the drastic change in color from the light grey that was on the wall to the bright orange was a bit much.  We were then asked to change it to a darker grey than what was on the wall originally.  Of course followed by the idea paint.  This particular round we also painted 4 single walls in 4 separate offices, where they had hired a separate company earlier to smooth the walls out and paint prior to us applying the clear coat.

On round 2 Rate Highway hired us to smooth out 2 more walls, prime, paint and once dry apply the clear idea paint to those 2 walls as well.  

All in all the project went like clockwork, and the customer was happy.