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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Painting our own baby room in Placentia CA

So over the years I’ve seen my husband (owner of Le Tourneau painting) paint a lot of
 baby’s rooms, or nurseries, and I always thought they were adorable. Decorating a baby’s room or nursery was never something I thought about until last summer when we found out we were having a baby of our own. After the morning sickness settled and the reality set in, I began to brainstorm what kind of room I wanted for our baby and how I wanted it painted. I decided to wait until we found out what we were having. Once I found out a girl was on the way, I then wondered if I wanted it painted girlie or more neutral. I’d seen many "pinkalicious” rooms and decided that was not for me. Before we found out about our daughter, her room was going to be my sewing/craft room and I was going to have my husband paint yellow horizontal stripes around the room.  Since I had already picked out the yellow paint and bought it, I figured I might as well use it. So, at that point I had to figure out if I still wanted stripes painted. Hmmm, did I want painted stripes, a faux finish, diamonds, polka dots, or an accent wall painted??? Being married to a painter my choices were endless. I ended up doing the painted horizontal stripes I had originally wanted for what was supposed to
be my sewing room and I love them!! My husband had a personalized sign made for the wall and framed it out to look like a built in custom picture frame. I also bought two cork boards for her wall and he framed those out too. I use the cork boards for pictures, cards, notes, ect and change them out  frequently. My daughter’s room is painted exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. It all kind of fell together and it is perfect-just like my family!

Painting Baby Rooms Painting Stripes in Baby Rooms Orange County
Painting Baby Rooms Orange County

The Correct Painting For Painting a Baby Room

Monday, August 16, 2010

Choosing the correct paint for painting a Baby's Room

As a painting contractor, I of course have a wealth of knowledge on the products I use.  When it comes to painting around kids, children, babies, or pregnant mothers, I ONLY use 1 of 2 products.  Dunn Edwards Paints carries a product under the name of "Enzo" while Sherwin Williams Carries a similar product called "Harmony". 

Safely Painting Baby Rooms

I have used both lines of paint for painting baby rooms and can honestly say that there does not seem to be much difference between the two paint products.  The "Harmony" line from Sherwin Williams I used for the first time about 14 months ago and the Enzo from Dunn Edwards about 8 months ago for the first time.  

I paint a couple of Nurseries a month and have used both products on multiple occasions.

For my daughters room (she is now 4 and half months) I used the Enzo from Dunn Edwards. The only reason is that there is a Dunn Edwards store closer to my house than a Sherwin Williams.  The cost difference is not significant enough for me to favor either one for its cost.  

The reason I use one of these products when painting a baby's room is simple.  They are safer than the standard paints available.  Why not give our kids the advantage by not subjecting them to something that could be potentially harmful.  Although the cost is significantly higher.  When it comes to the safety of our children most of us will agree that the cost difference is worth it.  

If you have any questions regarding the painting of your baby room please give us a call.
We offer free estimates and would be happy to show you our portfolio of pictures of painting baby rooms to help you come up with a design that fits you and your baby.

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