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Decorative Paint Squares on Walls

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Sunday evening I was dragged to work with my husband.  He said it would take "10 minutes", but as I've come to learn, things are not always quick and easy in the painting and decorating trade.   Chad said he was painting "decorative squares" on a wall.  At first I thought it was an odd request to paint 3 squares on a wall and as we drove to the house I found myself thinking, "what are the squares supposed to be?". When we got to the home it was unoccupied so there were no lights in the room.  That was the first obstacle that Chad quickly fixed.  He got a light bulb from the car (Who keeps random light bulbs in the car?) and connected it to the wires hanging from the ceiling.  Next, Chad got out the sketch from the interior decorator to begin plotting the squares on the wall.  Obstacle number 2: the decorator gave the measurements for the squares, but forgot to include the spacing between the walls.  My first thought was that I finally got to put all that math I learned in college to use.  Yippee, money well spent!  I soon realized that two people can do math completely differently and end up with the same answer.  Chad had me double and triple check his math before we began plotting the squares with painter's tape.  From there, he made it look easy.  I guess painting for 15 years and being the son of a painter you come to do a project like this without thinking about it.  Once they were done, I started to see what they might be: painted frames.  While the first coat was drying Chad went into another room to measure it for a future wall paper job.  He then put on a second coat and while that was drying he painted an archway over the window.  Finally the tape was removed and viola!... 3 gray "frames"  (decorative squares) for a baby's room.  It looked great and my skepticism was proven wrong.  I helped clean up and we were off to eat dinner.   Chad was right, the actual painting of the decorative squares only took about 10 minutes, it was the prep and set up that kept us there for over an hour.  It's always the prep, set up, and clean up that take the most work and time.   I hope the owner, interior decorator, and one day the baby are all happy! 
Brandi, happy wife of owner, apparent office manager and newly appointed blogger (I just read and wrote my first blog ever.  I had to read to find out what a blog was-I'm not a techie.)

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