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Commercial Painting Checklist

Chad Le Tourneau - Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Commercial Painting Contractor Check List

So its spring time in Orange County California and your thinking about getting your commercial building re-painted.  There are a few things you as the customer should consider before you start this project and consider hiring a contractor.  Take some time to read through this post and you just may save some time and headaches down the road.  Below I will outline my thoughts based on my 15 years experience as a painting contractor. 

  • Get Three Bids:

If you get three bids the chances are better that you will not get taken to the cleaners by a dubious contractor. It’s a good idea to ask for referrals from different places. First you could ask a neighbor or co worker.  Second maybe you could ask your local paint store for a referral and lastly you could check the net or yellow pages. 

  • Are They Legit?

Now that you have your list of three commercial painting contractor let’s make sure they are legit. Take a look at their business card; do you see a contractor’s license number? It’s a state law that it should be there, and often times a dead giveaway that there not legit when it’s not.  Also do they have a business phone number or just a cell phone number? Often times when a contractor doesn’t have all of their contact information on their card it can be hard to track them down later if something goes wrong. An email address is a good sign that the contractor is serious about communication. But if one is there and it’s Joes..........@aol.com that’s a good sign that he is probably a pretty small company. Next ask for proof of insurance before they get the job and CALL TO VERIFY!!!!!! This is where consumers really can get hurt. If you hire a person to work on your commercial building painting project and they get hurt guess who gets sued?   YOU!!!   So please do your homework.

  • Look at the numbers: 

Now that you have your three commercial painting contractors its time to get the prices. when they come in make sure they are apples to apples. If they are not ask your contractor to look his competitors bids and use a black out pen to remove prices on a photo copy. this way he can tell you why the other company is lower or higher. This is a good way of evening the playing field for all three companies. Good companies will list all the services that they are going to do in plain and simple words. If one of the companies say something  like "yeah yeah that's included too " make them put it in writing.

  • Ask Questions:

This one I cant emphasize enough, The more question you ask ,the more power you the consumer will have. There are lots of good questions to ask but here are a few recommendations. What brand of paint are you using. What type? What is the warranty of your service? is it in writing? How many years have you been on business? Will the owner of the company be on the job site? These types of questions are going to give you the confidence to pick the right commercial painting contractor. You have a mouth and a mind so use them.

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