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Ingram Micro gets Company Logo Painted on the Roof of Their Commercial Building

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

In august Le Tourneau Painting was contacted to by Ingram Micro to perform a unique project. If you don't know who Ingram Micro is your probably not a tech nut like me. To quote their Wikipedia page:

"the company is the only global broad-based IT distributor, serving resellers in approximately 150 countries on six continentsThe company offers more than 1,400 suppliers access to a global customer base of more than 185,000 resellers of various categories, including Value Added Resellers (VARs), corporate resellers, direct marketers, retailers, Internet-based resellers, and government and education resellers."

Crazy right?

On top of that, Ingram Micro is the largest public company in Orange County. So... when we got the call from them, we were very happy to have a chance to work with such a strong company.

What Ingram Micro needed from us, was a price for a specialty project they were thinking of doing. They had visited the  Le Tourneau Painting website and noticed we offer a lot of unique services such as logo painting, vinyl wall graphic installation, as well as many other commercial painting services. After receiving our bid with a few others, they decided to go with us. Later we found out that we were selected because we were competitive, and they liked the estimator because he was helpful and spent a lot of time with them. Go Chad!!!

Read below to learn more about this specialty project.


About this Commercial Sign / Logo Painting Project

As mentioned above, what Ingram Micro needed was for us to paint their company name which serves as their logo, as well as their catch phrase. The area in which the logo was to be painted was located on the roof of one of their buildings located in Santa Ana Ca. The total area that we would be painting was about 75 feet by 40 feet.

The project consisted of three lines of text, including their company name Ingram Micro, as well as their catch phrase "Partner Smart". The first challenge we were up against was the heat we where experiencing in August. We knew we didn't want our crews to spend a couple of days in the heat designing the layout, so we chose to create a template instead. The template acts as a stencil for us to follow, and saves a lot of time that would normally be spent on the roof portion of the project. Once the template was done we headed up to the roof and power washed the entire area that was to be painted. This type of project requires the right paint, as well as a very clean surface to work on. With the template fully laid out it was time to move into the painting phase. All in all the project did not require a lot of paint. There were about three colors and less than ten gallons of paint was actually used to create the whole thing. The final project came out great and the customer was very pleased.


About Le Tourneau Painting

Le Tourneau Painting is a smaller, but highly skilled painting contractor. We are located in Orange County California, and we specialize in complex painting projects such as the logo painting mentioned above.

We have a team of skilled painters that are capable of tackling small to large projects quickly while still keeping quality details in mind. On every project the owner is present at the beginning and end to be sure the project is delivered to the customer on time as well as maintain standards that the company stand for. Check out our website to learn more about Le Tourneau Painting, or give us a call to discuss your project today.

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Commercial Sign / Logo Painting for Empire PLS

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back in May when Empire PLS moved to thier new location in Orange CA, they hired Le Tourneau Painting to paint their company logo on the front of the building.  After discussing the options for colors and location they decided to have us paint the sign above their front door with a height of about 3'.  The logo stencil was made off site as usual and traced onto the building.  First we build a section of scaffolding to get up there.  Some times we use scissor lifts or if the sign to be painted is simple enough we may even work off off ladders.  However, once the scaffolding was in place, the painted sign was completed in no time.  In fact I think we were in and out before the office staff arrived.

Commercial Sign Painting

Le Tourneau Paintings Commercial Painting Division Provides fast, efficient service to all of Southern California. We specialize in corporate chains and franchises. We are fully insured and carry workers comp. 
Call us today 866-557-2357

Commercial Painting Checklist

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Commercial Painting Contractor Check List

So its spring time in Orange County California and your thinking about getting your commercial building re-painted.  There are a few things you as the customer should consider before you start this project and consider hiring a contractor.  Take some time to read through this post and you just may save some time and headaches down the road.  Below I will outline my thoughts based on my 15 years experience as a painting contractor. 

  • Get Three Bids:

If you get three bids the chances are better that you will not get taken to the cleaners by a dubious contractor. It’s a good idea to ask for referrals from different places. First you could ask a neighbor or co worker.  Second maybe you could ask your local paint store for a referral and lastly you could check the net or yellow pages. 

  • Are They Legit?

Now that you have your list of three commercial painting contractor let’s make sure they are legit. Take a look at their business card; do you see a contractor’s license number? It’s a state law that it should be there, and often times a dead giveaway that there not legit when it’s not.  Also do they have a business phone number or just a cell phone number? Often times when a contractor doesn’t have all of their contact information on their card it can be hard to track them down later if something goes wrong. An email address is a good sign that the contractor is serious about communication. But if one is there and it’s Joes..........@aol.com that’s a good sign that he is probably a pretty small company. Next ask for proof of insurance before they get the job and CALL TO VERIFY!!!!!! This is where consumers really can get hurt. If you hire a person to work on your commercial building painting project and they get hurt guess who gets sued?   YOU!!!   So please do your homework.

  • Look at the numbers: 

Now that you have your three commercial painting contractors its time to get the prices. when they come in make sure they are apples to apples. If they are not ask your contractor to look his competitors bids and use a black out pen to remove prices on a photo copy. this way he can tell you why the other company is lower or higher. This is a good way of evening the playing field for all three companies. Good companies will list all the services that they are going to do in plain and simple words. If one of the companies say something  like "yeah yeah that's included too " make them put it in writing.

  • Ask Questions:

This one I cant emphasize enough, The more question you ask ,the more power you the consumer will have. There are lots of good questions to ask but here are a few recommendations. What brand of paint are you using. What type? What is the warranty of your service? is it in writing? How many years have you been on business? Will the owner of the company be on the job site? These types of questions are going to give you the confidence to pick the right commercial painting contractor. You have a mouth and a mind so use them.

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries Costa Mesa Vinyl Decal Installation

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries recently opened their location in Costa Mesa Ca.  The sign company was having problem with finding an installer for the decals on the interior of the store.  They did some searching and was referred to Le Tourneau Painting.  We quickly met them on location and wrote up a proposal, which was accepted on the spot and the next day we started the install.  The installation of the vinyl decal below the counter went on without any problems.... the larger signs on the sides of the restaurant were an entirely different story.  The walls already had a wall covering on it that was painted over with the colors of Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries had a texture on it that consisted of small bumps that were roughly a mm in diameter with spaces between them of about 3 mm.  This posed a problem for the vinyl decals adhesion to the wall.  The decals were only sticking on the tops of those bumps and were not remaining flat on the wall.  I quickly picked up the phone to call my sister in Canada who owns a print company for advise.  She was unable to help because we were unable of the exact materials we were using. 

To make a long story short, the manufacturer advised me to heat up the material which would slightly shrink the vinyl and allow it to stick.  From there the install went like clockwork.

Once the decals were up and looking great, they asked me to install the signs on the walls,  which is not really my thing.  Usually I do not do work unrelated to the painting and wallpapering business, but this time we hung them for them. 

You will have to go check out their menu, I know I will!

Le Tourneau Painting offers a variety of wallpaper and decal
installations on many surfaces.  We also have a print company available
if your artwork is ready.

Give us a call to give you a quote on your project!



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Painting our own baby room in Placentia CA

So over the years I’ve seen my husband (owner of Le Tourneau painting) paint a lot of
 baby’s rooms, or nurseries, and I always thought they were adorable. Decorating a baby’s room or nursery was never something I thought about until last summer when we found out we were having a baby of our own. After the morning sickness settled and the reality set in, I began to brainstorm what kind of room I wanted for our baby and how I wanted it painted. I decided to wait until we found out what we were having. Once I found out a girl was on the way, I then wondered if I wanted it painted girlie or more neutral. I’d seen many "pinkalicious” rooms and decided that was not for me. Before we found out about our daughter, her room was going to be my sewing/craft room and I was going to have my husband paint yellow horizontal stripes around the room.  Since I had already picked out the yellow paint and bought it, I figured I might as well use it. So, at that point I had to figure out if I still wanted stripes painted. Hmmm, did I want painted stripes, a faux finish, diamonds, polka dots, or an accent wall painted??? Being married to a painter my choices were endless. I ended up doing the painted horizontal stripes I had originally wanted for what was supposed to
be my sewing room and I love them!! My husband had a personalized sign made for the wall and framed it out to look like a built in custom picture frame. I also bought two cork boards for her wall and he framed those out too. I use the cork boards for pictures, cards, notes, ect and change them out  frequently. My daughter’s room is painted exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. It all kind of fell together and it is perfect-just like my family!

Painting Baby Rooms Painting Stripes in Baby Rooms Orange County
Painting Baby Rooms Orange County

Buena Park Mash Industries Gets New Exterior Painting & Logo

Friday, December 06, 2013

Mash Industries Gets New Look With Building Painting & Logo



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Le Tourneau Painting was hired to paint a commercial logo for Rate Highway in Irvine CA.  The project consisted originally of just the sign, but quickly turned into a small project involving the application of Idea Paint.  Idea paint is a coating that works like a white board.  It comes in black, white and clear.  The clear is what we put on for Rate Highway in Irvine.  The materials are a 2 part system that creates a surface of up to 50 sq/ft per combined unit.  This project we used 10 units.  In the conference room we originally painted the company logo on the wall in their orange color.  After completion they decided that since this wall was to have the Idea Paint over it and be used as a "white board" that the drastic change in color from the light grey that was on the wall to the bright orange was a bit much.  We were then asked to change it to a darker grey than what was on the wall originally.  Of course followed by the idea paint.  This particular round we also painted 4 single walls in 4 separate offices, where they had hired a separate company earlier to smooth the walls out and paint prior to us applying the clear coat.

On round 2 Rate Highway hired us to smooth out 2 more walls, prime, paint and once dry apply the clear idea paint to those 2 walls as well.  

All in all the project went like clockwork, and the customer was happy. 

Vinyl Installation on the walls of the offices of Tickets.com

Sunday, April 22, 2012

At Tickets.com corporate headquarters in Costa Mesa, Orange County California Le Tourneau Painting was originally called to give a price to paint various text on the walls of the office walls.  During the "walk through” we discussed the option of using vinyl letters.  For the amount of lettering they were asking for, the project was more cost effective if we used vinyl vs the time of painting each saying or slogan.  Often times companies think that the installation of vinyl on the walls is much more expensive than painting.  It turns out there is a formula for that.  The cost of the vinyl and time to install vs the paint materials and time to physically paint the letters.

Vinyl Lettering Installation Orange County CAVinyl Lettering Installation Orange County CA

Vinyl lettering for Tickets.comKEEPING IT FUN

Vinyl Lettering Installation Orange County CA2012-04-11 12.03.37



How the vinyl lettering installation was done. 

Previous to showing up on site, Le Tourneau Painting forwarded all the information "the vinyl text to be installed” to the printer to have the vinyl cut at the correct sizes.  This took about a week to get the materials in hand.  Once we had the vinyl in hand we contacted Tickets.com to schedule the install.

We arrived at TICKETS.COM location in the am of April 11, 2012 at 7:00am. Our customer was there to meet us and ask a few simple questions.  We did a walk around with our contact to verify where each "saying” was to be placed and discussed the height on the wall etc.

About Le Tourneau Painting's Services

Le Tourneau Paintings Vinyl Lettering / Decal Division Provides fast, efficient services to the Orange County and L.A. County areas. We specialize in corporate chains and franchises. We are fully insured and carry workers comp.

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Le Tourneau Painting Company Orange County CA

The Correct Painting For Painting a Baby Room

Monday, August 16, 2010

Choosing the correct paint for painting a Baby's Room

As a painting contractor, I of course have a wealth of knowledge on the products I use.  When it comes to painting around kids, children, babies, or pregnant mothers, I ONLY use 1 of 2 products.  Dunn Edwards Paints carries a product under the name of "Enzo" while Sherwin Williams Carries a similar product called "Harmony". 

Safely Painting Baby Rooms

I have used both lines of paint for painting baby rooms and can honestly say that there does not seem to be much difference between the two paint products.  The "Harmony" line from Sherwin Williams I used for the first time about 14 months ago and the Enzo from Dunn Edwards about 8 months ago for the first time.  

I paint a couple of Nurseries a month and have used both products on multiple occasions.

For my daughters room (she is now 4 and half months) I used the Enzo from Dunn Edwards. The only reason is that there is a Dunn Edwards store closer to my house than a Sherwin Williams.  The cost difference is not significant enough for me to favor either one for its cost.  

The reason I use one of these products when painting a baby's room is simple.  They are safer than the standard paints available.  Why not give our kids the advantage by not subjecting them to something that could be potentially harmful.  Although the cost is significantly higher.  When it comes to the safety of our children most of us will agree that the cost difference is worth it.  

If you have any questions regarding the painting of your baby room please give us a call.
We offer free estimates and would be happy to show you our portfolio of pictures of painting baby rooms to help you come up with a design that fits you and your baby.

Le Tourneau Painting is located in Orange County California.  

Decorative Paint Squares on Walls

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Sunday evening I was dragged to work with my husband.  He said it would take "10 minutes", but as I've come to learn, things are not always quick and easy in the painting and decorating trade.   Chad said he was painting "decorative squares" on a wall.  At first I thought it was an odd request to paint 3 squares on a wall and as we drove to the house I found myself thinking, "what are the squares supposed to be?". When we got to the home it was unoccupied so there were no lights in the room.  That was the first obstacle that Chad quickly fixed.  He got a light bulb from the car (Who keeps random light bulbs in the car?) and connected it to the wires hanging from the ceiling.  Next, Chad got out the sketch from the interior decorator to begin plotting the squares on the wall.  Obstacle number 2: the decorator gave the measurements for the squares, but forgot to include the spacing between the walls.  My first thought was that I finally got to put all that math I learned in college to use.  Yippee, money well spent!  I soon realized that two people can do math completely differently and end up with the same answer.  Chad had me double and triple check his math before we began plotting the squares with painter's tape.  From there, he made it look easy.  I guess painting for 15 years and being the son of a painter you come to do a project like this without thinking about it.  Once they were done, I started to see what they might be: painted frames.  While the first coat was drying Chad went into another room to measure it for a future wall paper job.  He then put on a second coat and while that was drying he painted an archway over the window.  Finally the tape was removed and viola!... 3 gray "frames"  (decorative squares) for a baby's room.  It looked great and my skepticism was proven wrong.  I helped clean up and we were off to eat dinner.   Chad was right, the actual painting of the decorative squares only took about 10 minutes, it was the prep and set up that kept us there for over an hour.  It's always the prep, set up, and clean up that take the most work and time.   I hope the owner, interior decorator, and one day the baby are all happy! 
Brandi, happy wife of owner, apparent office manager and newly appointed blogger (I just read and wrote my first blog ever.  I had to read to find out what a blog was-I'm not a techie.)

Orange County Painting  Painting Decorative Squares on Walls Orange County

Painting Decorative Squares  Painting Decorative Squares Orange County

Painting Squares on Walls Orange County CA  Decorative Painted Squares on Walls Final Product.